Katherine Testimonial


Court Reporter Seattle, WA
I am proud of being associated with YOM and with everyone on the team.

I am retiring from court reporting after gradually phasing myself out over the years. I have to say that YOM has been a great part of my life. I met Ernie way back in the mid 1980's, and Yamaguchi & Associates was known as The Place to Work. Some things never change! The old Central Building space was expanding to accommodate new reporters because we actually had to SHARE computers! It's a good thing some things do change!  Having Julia & Cheryl join Ernie as a team was a stroke of genius. Together they have grown YOM into a cutting edge firm with the best reputation ever. I am proud of being associated with YOM and with everyone on the team. That's the hardest thing about leaving. I don't really want to say goodbye, so how about farewell and it's been a wonderful ride.