Video Conferencing & Mobile Conferencing

Video Conferencing & Mobile Conferencing

Video Conferencing Rooms in Seattle for up to 20 People

Video-Conferencing Solutions Seattle Nothing beats meeting in person, but today’s video conferencing technology allows you to get pretty close. Video conferencing is the new standard when you want to talk with an individual who is not nearby while avoiding the expense and hassle of travel. Experience the convenience and clarity of video conferencing technology in our state-of-the-art Seattle videoconference facilities. You can utilize our video conferencing facilities for interviews, meetings, depositions, settlement conferences, business conferences, evaluations, presentations, and so much more.

Mobile Video Conferencing

With mobile video conferencing, you can use your own camera and web-enabled device or we can provide a laptop or iPad for your use. Mobile video conferencing enables anyone to join your virtual meeting, regardless of location.

  • Video conference rooms in Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, Spokane, and more
  • Ability to share documents remotely
  • Recording of video conferences is available
  • Mobile video conferencing from the comfort of your PC, laptop, iPad or other web-enabled device

YOM’s full-service videoconference facilities allow you to interact face-to-face with colleagues, partners, witnesses, and clients, sans the hassle of maintaining your own video conferencing equipment. We have access to video conferencing facilities in Seattle, Bellevue, across the state of Washington, and nationwide. Contact us today to learn more about how our video conferencing solutions can help you defy distance.

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