Exhibit Share

Can you copy & paste?  Then Exhibit Share is the tool for you!

Easy to set up and use - fast file sharing - perfect solution for cases with numerous exhibits.  Call YOM to demo Exhibit Share!

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When YOM receives paper exhibits, they are converted into PDF images. During the conversion process, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is applied so that the exhibits are rendered searchable. After the scanning process, we quality control each image and verify its rotation setting and page naming. The scanned and OCR’d exhibits are then properly named, saved, and uploaded to our secure document repository, YOM:VIP.


  • Scanning: Exhibits are scanned, rendered searchable, and then quality-controlled
  • Exhibit linking: Exhibits are linked to the transcript for ease of reference
  • Online access: Exhibits are available for download 24/7 on our secure document respository MyVeritext.
  • Fast turnaround: We work around the clock to complete each exhibit project

YOM eFFICENT Transcripts: Well-Planned Transcript Management From the Get-Go

The court reporter’s transcript file is converted into full-featured PDF format that is saved in the smallest file size for ease of deliverability. Transcripts undergo a multi-point quality control check before being electronically signed and delivered. All industry standard formats are available: E-Transcript (.ptx), Summation Briefcase Format (.sbf), LiveNote (.lef), and ASCII (.txt).

Our YOM eFFICIENT transcripts allow you to copy and paste directly from full or condensed transcripts into word processing documents or emails while maintaining the original formatting. Each transcript includes a fully-hyperlinked word index where each page line is hyperlinked to the corresponding location within the transcript. Each transcript reference to an exhibit is hyperlinked to the scanned exhibit. Each exhibit contains a hyperlinked cross-reference list of all transcript references.

  • Transcripts can be delivered in all industry-standard formats
  • Multi-point quality control check of every transcript
  • All transcripts include a fully hyperlinked word index
  • All exhibits mentioned in the transcript are hyperlinked to the mentioned exhibit
  • Each exhibit contains a hyperlinked cross-reference list of all transcript references

At YOM, we understand how important your exhibits are to your case and that effectively managing your case exhibit archive is critical to the success of the litigation process. No project is too large or small for us, and we put every project through a rigid quality control process. We always try to go that extra mile from the moment we take on your assignment to the moment it is delivered. Contact us today for more information about our trusted services.