Real-time Reporting

Real-time Reporting

Real-time Court Reporting Seattle: Certification and Experience That Make a Difference

real time court reporters seattleYOM offers accurate and reliable real-time court reporting services with timely turnaround. We are poised and ready to handle your most complex and technical real-time cases. Our reporters are certified and experienced in real-time court reporting and are supported by certified trainers and in-house IT staff. We guarantee your hookup and will provide a complimentary backup laptop for real-time viewing should there be connection issues that cannot be resolved quickly by our trained professionals on-site.

YOM has been supporting law firms and solo practitioners in the greater Seattle area since 1972. Our experience and training has made a world of a difference for our clients:

  • Seattle’s most experienced real-time court reporters
  • Guaranteed real-time hookup
  • Reporters receive on-site support from seasoned IT staff and certified trainers

Over the years, YOM has developed a national referral network, enabling us to deliver the best court reporters wherever, whenever. Our team of coordinators, schedulers, and production experts is here to deliver the services you need, and fast, all the while providing superior customer service. Contact us now to discuss your real-time court reporting needs.