Case Management

Case Management

Case Management Services and Litigation Support in Seattle and Beyond

case management services seattle YOM: Full Service Court Reporting is equipped to handle large, complex cases with multifaceted requirements. We will assign a case manager to ensure that all aspects of your case are approached with care. Your case manager will be your go-to person, assigning and coordinating a skilled team of court reporters and key staff here in Washington State or anywhere your case takes you. Your case manager will also oversee scheduling, billing, and other case requirements.

At YOM, we initiate the case management process by understanding your needs and familiarizing ourselves with your case. After working closely with your team to outline your requirements, YOM will provide smooth and consistent services throughout the management of your case. We will give attorneys, paralegals, and legal secretaries on your team immediate online access to case transcripts, exhibits, calendars, and invoicing around the clock. A single calendar can be shared by all of the parties, making scheduling a breeze.

Your dedicated case manager at YOM will always be available to answer your questions and navigate through any challenges that arise. Contact us today to work with one of our highly skilled and experienced case managers.

  • Dedicated case managers to ensure all aspects of your case are approached with care
  • Smooth and consistent service from key reporters and staff
  • Access to a case calendar shared by all parties