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Feb 11

YOM Staff

Based on the National Court Reporters Association's Code of Professional Conduct, a court reporter is duty-bound to record the proceedings when either party asks to be on the record. read more

Jan 01

YOM Staff

There are many rewards to working with the same reporter or reporters over time. But don't let familiarity and comfort cause you to inadvertently disclose information that will waive your client's evidential privileges or cause the reporter to become a witness in your case. read more

Oct 20

YOM Staff

Are telephone depositions authorized in Washington State? -- Answer to this and other questions regarding Telephone Depositions read more

Oct 13

YOM Staff

How long are YOM videographers required to store their videotapes of official video recorded depositions for? read more

Oct 03

YOM Staff

Are recordings of videoconferences admissible in court in lieu of a video recording made by a videographer? read more

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