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Jan 22

YOM Staff

Snap Scheduling: Deposition Scheduling in 7 Seconds

Posted by YOM Staff

Scheduling depositions.

If you’re in the business of litigation, scheduling depositions is one of those repetitive, mundane tasks that is part of the job.

Whether you’re a paralegal or legal assistant who assists multiple attorneys or solo-practitioner attorney without support staff, it is a task that can take a significant amount of your weekly or daily time.

Coordinating attorney(s) and deponent(s) schedules, creating a notice, scheduling a court reporter and any other support services such as a videographer, videoconference, and/or an interpreter takes time.

This is why Veritext created Snap Scheduling. As a Veritext company, YOM: Full Service Court Reporting is pleased to now provide Snap Scheduling to clients.

You are already creating a notice. Why enter the information in a lengthy online form again when you can drag and drop your notice to schedule your deposition in seconds?

Watch this short video (with or without sound – it has subtitles) about Snap Scheduling:

Video transcript (if you watched the video, feel free to skip past the italicized transcript):

I want to tell you about our feature Snap Scheduling.

It’s designed to be the fastest way to book a court reporter.

Step one is to go to I like to bookmark it.

Once here login with your username and password. I like to check Remember Me. That will keep you logged into MyVeritext. We don’t recommend using this on a public computer or a computer that doesn’t have a password.

So, what is Snap Scheduling?

We figured you already have to type up the notice for the other parties and the witness. So, why make you re-type that information into one of our scheduling forms.

With Snap Scheduling, all you need to do is grab your Word, WordPerfect or PDF file of the notice, and literally drag and drop it right onto MyVeritext. That will send us the notice. We will enter all the information for you, and you’re good to go. You’ll get an email confirmation that we’ve received it, and we usually process them in 24 hours or less.

Once it’s been processed, it will show up on your calendar like any regular job.

So, again, to Snap Schedule I can grab a PDF, Word file, or WordPerfect, drop it right on the browser, and I’ve booked my deposition. Immediately after Snap Scheduling, you’ll receive this email letting you know that we’ve received your notice and we’ll be processing it within 24 hours. Once we’ve processed your Snap Scheduling, you will receive your normal job confirmation that looks like this.

If at any point you have any questions about your particular assignment, go ahead and use the assignment number that will be in either email.

If you need to add a couple more details, simply hit the Add Details button. This will allow you to pick a third party if you work with our corporate division. Additionally, if you have any custom fields setup for your firm, those will show right here. Once you’ve made the changes, simply hit Save and it will update your Snap Schedule.

Once we’ve processed your Snap Scheduling job. If you go over to Calendar, you’ll be able to see it just like any regular job. Another new feature we have to save you time as drag-and-drop rescheduling.

We realize that depositions change all the time.

Instead of going in and filling out a whole new form or canceling it, all you’ll need to do is grab the deposition and simply drag it to whatever day it’s moved. That’s it. You have successfully rescheduled the deposition just by dragging and dropping.

So, my favorite way to show how truly fast Snap Scheduling is is to start from zero. I’m simply opening up my web browser here. It takes me to my home page where I have my bookmarks. Now watch if I have MyVeritext bookmarked, how fast it is for me to book a deposition. That’s it. I’ve booked a deposition. That’s all I have to do.

If your deposition is for the next business day, please give us a call. That will give us enough time to coordinate a court reporter. You actually can see the list of local Veritext offices by clicking this link, and you can browse all the contact information for each of the Veritext offices. You can see your list of Snap-scheduled jobs right here. This will enable you to click one of them and add additional details if needed.

I think you’re going to enjoy Snap Scheduling and if you have any questions along the way, please reach out to us.

A few highlights of what you can do with Snap Scheduling are:

  • Drag and drop functionality makes uploading a deposition notice a snap
  • Save time by skipping lengthy form fills
  • Reschedule depositions with just one mouse click
  • Schedule on-the-go by snapping a quick picture of a notice and uploading it via the Veritext Mobile app.

As a feature in MyVeritext, Snap Scheduling is one of the many ways Veritext assists you in being more efficient by removing aspects of those mundane tasks that are typically just part of the job as a legal professional.

For more information, see 12 Reasons Attorneys and Legal Professionals Register for MyVeritext. Snap Scheduling is just part of one of the twelve reasons.

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If you have not already registered for MyVeritext or have any further questions, email or call us at (206) 622-6875 to request your MyVeritext Login.