Administration of Oaths

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Jun 29

YOM Staff

Administration of Oaths

Posted by YOM Staff

Did you know that the state legislature amended RCW 5.28.010 to allow state-certified court reporters to administer oaths and affirmations?

RCW 5.28.010 lists the professions who are permitted to administer oaths and affirmations before a witness testifies.  Most lawyers may not have known that court reporters were not on this list before 2010, and with good reason -- every court reporter at Yamaguchi Obien Mangio was formerly also a notary, which meant that he or she was qualified to administer oaths even before the statute was revised.  The legislature's unanimous passage of the amendment recognized that a court reporter's trustworthiness and professionalism is backed by his or her license and/or credential, making the additional requirement of a notary's credential unnecessary.

The notary seal has disappeared from the deposition transcript certification you receive from your court reporter.  The transcript is still valid, with or with the seal.  In all other respects, this change took effect quietly.  One thing you can count on is that there will be no change in the great service and professionalism you have come to trust and expect from Yamaguchi Obien Mangio.