YOM is a bronze sponsor of QLaw's Annual Banquet

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Mar 29

YOM Staff

YOM is a bronze sponsor of QLaw's Annual Banquet

Posted by YOM Staff

This signature event is an opportunity for QLaw members and supporters across the state to convene to network, learn what the organization has accomplished in the year prior, and learn about opportunities to serve marginalized communities and to champion equality in the year ahead.  It is also an opportunity to connect with the legal and business community at large to showcase how commitment and sponsorship of this organization helps effect change in the lives of Washington's LGBT citizens and families. Each year this event attracts luminaries in the legal field, Washington state politicians, and notable leaders fighting for equality on a national level.  The QLaw Association is an entirely volunteer-run organization, and they rely on support from Washington law firms and companies like YOM that share their goals of diversity and equality.  We are looking forward to attending this event!


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