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Jan 11

YOM Staff

Discover Steno A-Z with Julia and Cheryl

Posted by YOM Staff

Julia Obien and Cheryl Mangio are honored to give back to the profession of court reporting, a profession that they hold near and dear to their hearts.   They are teaching a six-to-eight week A to Z Intro to Machine Shorthand program at no cost. The A to Z program offers the perfect opportunity for potential students to learn the alphabet in steno, write on a shorthand machine, and decide if pursuing an education in court reporting or captioning is the right choice for them.  According to research conducted by Ducker Worldwide, more than 5,500 new court reporting jobs are anticipated across the U.S. by 2018.  This fact ensures that court reporting school graduates are likely to enjoy a lucrative, lifelong career.  At a time when unemployment rates continue to plague much of the country, the Ducker study is projecting a surge, nationally, in opportunities.  Court reporting provides endless opportunities for those who master the skill of machine shorthand.   It is a profession that rewards hard-working individuals focused on transcribing with speed and accuracy, as well as dealing ethically with all party litigants.  From courtroom trials to legal depositions, court reporters have a front row seat for the most confidential and meaningful proceedings.  As the official keeper of the record, this profession demands the highest level of trustworthiness.  One of YOM's reporters has captured the essence of court reporting:  "Court reporting has been one of my greatest joys, as well.  It has given me such a rich life, providing me freedom and independence, and self-confidence with a sense of security and knowing I have a place in the universe that is just for me.  It has given me entertainment and also lots of food for thought, always teaching me and reminding me that we are all human and uniquely designed.  So many perspectives." 


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